Family Counseling: Sexual And Intimacy Issues Specialist

Newlywed or long-time couples may experience sexual and intimacy issues. It is like a partner might face sexual challenges, it could be the man or the woman, which can be a future problem. There are a lot of causes of this and one of them is sexual dysfunction that impacts relationships, leading to different feelings, such as:

  • frustration
  • guilt
  • inadequacy for both partners

Unfortunately, when a person struggles with dysfunction, the relationship could be affected negatively. During these challenging times, a  sex therapist is a professional who can help to save the marriage or relationship.

How can a sex therapist help?

Sex therapy helps couples or people identify and work on their sexual challenges, such as:

  • low sex drive
  • pain during sex
  • difficulty having an orgasm

It helps enhance sexual satisfaction. Sex therapists use psychotherapy to help people with sexual issues, whether they are simple or more complex. Sex counselors of an action-based approach by offering education and techniques addressing short-term problems.

A sex counselor is a licensed healthcare provider, who helps you address any mental and emotional roadblocks, causing or related to sexual issues. The sex therapist is a social worker, psychologist or medical doctor, but they should have specialized training in sexual problems and sexual health. The sex therapist works with people or partners to help resolve sexual difficulties, such as:


  • performance anxiety
  • intimacy issues

What do sexual therapists do?

Sex therapists help with many kinds of sexual dysfunction with psychological causes or effects. They help with life and relationship issues that are related to sex. The therapist will do this in a supportive, inclusive, safe, and non judgemental environment. It is essential to know that sex therapists don’t treat medical or physical conditions affecting sex, such as low testosterone.

You need to see the primary healthcare provider, urologist or gynecologist for any sexual function issues to see if there are physical causes. Sex therapists are using a variety of evidence-based treatments, to help people enhance their sex lives.


Most often, these therapists use psychotherapy or talk therapy that involves building a talking relationship to appoint and assess feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. There are types of psychotherapy for sex therapy, which include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Couples communication techniques
  • Emotion-based therapy
  • Mindfulness-based interventions

Sex therapists prioritize confidentiality and maintain privacy, which is a part of their codes of ethics. Therapists who violate the confidentiality of patients would risk losing their ability to practice therapy in the future.